Retired – Looking for Second Income to Complement Your Retirement Pension.

SFI – The Right Place to built a Second Income

Not all people at this stage of their lives are drawing healthy pensions or have a lot of money coming to them when they retire. They would be looking at supplementing their retirement pensions. They are mostly mentally sharp and I believe that SFI would be ideal for these people.

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There are some answers from proud members of SFI:

„As a senior myself, I would be most likely to engage in a conversation about extra income with a person who took some time to get to know my hopes, dreams, family life, and how I spend most of my time.

Seniors either have enough money for their needs and wants or they are looking for a way to supplement what they have. They are often worried that they haven’t put enough money away to last until the end of their life. “

„Senior citizens in North America (NA) spend up to 10hrs per day watching television. Target them by telling them it is a great way to stay occupied and keep the brain active, and they can make some residual income as they do it! “

„I believe that the best angle to approach senior citizens to SFI is from the standpoint of additional income for retirement. Today more than 50% of people reach retirement age and have to continue working if their health permits. For those who have failing health, they have to rely on a fixed income and their children to help them in retirement. So many seniors are looking for ways to leave the workforce but continue to have an income besides retirement. Many seniors only have Social Security“

„I think a lot of senior citizens really worry about how they’re going to survive into old age. Most people have less than $1000 in savings for their retirement. I think that they also worry about not being able to leave a legacy for their children and grandchildren. They don’t want their loved ones to have to suffer the same hardships as they may have.

I would invite them to have a look at the potential of SFI to supplement or even replace their pensions“

You can read more about Seniors and how they can built a second income as a residual income stream:

What would be a good strategy for attracting senior citizens to SFI?

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