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How to earn residual income with your SFI-Business

This is not a get rich overnight scheme, this cannot be a hobby, no this is a real business.
You have to set some goals and to work to reach them.
There are many tools and training lessons to learn all about this great business.

SFI is a USA Company which is more than 16 years in the Internet Market.
SFI is a Marketplace = Tripleclicks with more than 1.5 Mil Affiliates.

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The TIP:
„Education is the key to your success. Study and learn how to do the work inside of SFI daily. The more you successfully advertise your business, the greater your chance of increasing your affiliate base.“

Tip brought to you by Lisa Zornoza Affiliate


At SFI there is a section named ASK SC, where Members can ask their Questions and other Members gan give their Answers. This is very helpful for all members who read this and especially who asked than most are very much answers which are comming from high rated Affiliates and at least from some who have not very much experience. But it is interesting and you can be amused too.

Here now 1 Answer asked from Ahmed Shareef Yoosuf (Maldives) to following Question:

What qualities does one need to have or to develop to be successful with SFI?

1. Desire
2. Persistence
3. Knowledge
4. Communication skills

I consider the first quality one needs to possess is a burning desire or enthusiasm to start and succeed with SFI. Enthusiasm is the greatest asset that one can possess, because with enthusiasm you can succeed at anything. Enthusiasts are people with passion, vision, determination and inspiration. It’s very important that you have the desire to succeed in SFI. With your enthusiasm, you can succeed in spite of overwhelming handicaps. Without it, one is handicapped in spite of overwhelming ability.

Persistence is one of the basic qualities you need to have to be successful with SFI. Persistence is extremely important in that there many people in the network marketing industry quit right before they were going to reap a financial blessing that would absolutely make a big difference in their life. The main reason people fail is because of a lack of persistence. I always believe that success in our business is simply a matter of doing the right things enough. Many people do the right things but just not enough and that’s why they fail. It’s like they’ve dug deep into a mountain looking for gold and abandoned the project few inches from the gold deposit. So, don’t ever give up or quit, but keep on trying till you succeed!

A leader in SFI must have a good knowledge and understanding of the business and what is in SFI. Knowledge and communication skills are very important for success in SFI. You are sending and receiving messages always. To be able to send and receive the right messages you should be knowledgeable and have correct information. Knowledge is so important because if you really understand what this business is all about you will be able to package it properly.

Communication skills are equally important because ultimately this business is about your relationship with people. Regular, effective communication is essential for success in all aspects of life, including personal and business relationships. Through good communication one can build trust and understanding in a relationship. One can realize a greater degree of success in business if one regularly communicates with his or her team members. Good relationships always start with communications and finally success will follow.

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