Traffic Exchanges You Should Join

To make Money with Traffic Exchanges

Surfing at TrafficExchanges? Do it the intelligent way

How to get the most out of your SURFING?
First take the time to read the rules of that Exchange you want to surf.
How long is the timer!
How are you credited?
How many credits have you to spend for looking at your Advertisements?
Can you get more credits by games or prices?
How many members have this Exchange?
How many are still surfing?
Can you get some money?

If you have checked start surfing!
But wait! Don’t forget to advertise your Affiliatelink at other Exchanges or per mail with a free mailer!
Look for getting as many Affiliates as you can, motivate them with little gifts that they become active Affiliates Surfers.
When they are active you get some Credits from them to your account, so you have more credits or otherwise you need to surf less than before, right?

There are some of my TEs which I can recommend to your utilization.

If you want to use any of them I would be thankful if you sign in here for free with my Ref-Link.

Everybody in my downline who joined under me, I want to congratulate and give them the most helpful service you can get anywhere.

If you want to earn some money look arround at this Blog and you will find several differt ways to earn residual income streams.
If you need more website traffic,
read this email carefully…

Many so called Gurus tell you that
you need to do things like:

– Search Engine Optimization

– Using Social Networks

– Submitting tons of articles

– Writing new blog posts daily

– Buy PPC traffic

… etc.

I bet you’ve tried many of these
things… and how much traffic did
you get?

From experience I know that the
traffic methods above work, but
they don’t work for all websites
and to make them work, you have
to invest alot of time… we are
talking about some months here.

But it can be much easier to
generate website traffic…

… one of my favorite ways is to
use Manual Traffic Exchanges.

They work and they work best if
you use Squeeze Pages or Splash

Check out this traffic exchange,
I get tons of free traffic from

I want to help you as far it is possible to me.

1. WebBizInsider

2. Eternal Hits

3. Top Surfer

4. Web Centre Surf

5. Webmaster Quest

6. Click Voyager

7. Traffic G

8. Hit Pulse

9. Traffic Splash

10. Boot Scooting Traffic

11. Hit Safari

12. Traffic Roundup

13. StartXchange

14. Soaring4Traffic

15. DragonSurf

16. CashClicking

17. I Love Hits

18. HitMagik

19. EasyHits4u

20. Prosperity Hits 4u

21. TrafficBonus

22. HitsBoosterPro

23. Start MY TRAFFIC

24. Traffic Swirl

25. Tezak Traffic Power

26. Real Hitz 4 U

27. Traffic Swarm

28. Hot Flash Hits

29. Promo Lotto

30. Hits 2 Hits

31. Traffic Gold Rush

32. 247 Traffic Pro


34. TopTierTraffic

35. SplashPageSurfer

36. FastEasyTraffic

37. Listsurfing

38. Froggy Hits

39. Major League Hits

40. Click ´n Putt

41. Hits 4 Surfers

As I have so much „good“ TEs where you can get good Traffic from, I am trying what that Exchanges can bring more. What can they really and realistic do for my and yours SUCCESS!
Well Hits4Surfers can give you Traffic and Money. It is so easy to take a piece of the weekly Jackpot. And you can get participates from your Affiliates too, so it maybe a good decision to sign up at Hit4Surfers, and advertise it with great Tools for getting new Affiliates.

Here a note of the admin of Hit4Surfers:

To get the most out of Hits4surfers, you should try to signup as many
members under you as possible. You’ll earn free traffic when
they surf and cash when they upgrade or purchase credits.
Below are 3 steps that you should follow to both
make money promoting Hits4surfers and to use it!

DOWNLINE BUILDER – It’s the most important part of any traffic exchange or related product or service. Why? You just never know when someone will join under your referral link that is brand new to traffic exchange marketing and could very easily become your referral for every single program there is in the Downline Builder.
Affiliate Toolbox – Here you will find a vast assortment of splash pages and banners already embedded with your referral link and ready so build your Downline. You will also find some awesome Personalized Splash Pages where you can get creative with your testimonial to let people know why they should join Hits4Surfers.
Hits4Surfers Rules – It is your responsibility to read the Terms and to follow them. Constant rule breakers, those who do not heed warnings or are cheaters will be terminated no questions asked and any accrued commissions will be forfeit.

44. ProClickExchange

45. TrafficDynamite

46. PostAdsDaily

47. PowerSurfCentral

48. StepUpTraffic

49. Surf Sumo

50. ProTrafficShop

51. WeDeliverTraffic


53. Viking Hits

Very New, Very good – Trafficexchange

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Cash Surfing Network

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Hunt Them, Love Them, Cash in!

You want it all in one program right? I’ll
keep it short and sweet cause these features speak
for themselves.

Free 12.00 Signup Bonus

GUARANTEED Cash Rewards of 1.00+ Everyday

A Complete Traffic Business Platform

New Exciting Game CSN City!


Need I say more? Of course not, I’ll see you
on the inside 🙂

This TrafficExchange belongs to this Network: TopHits4U


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This site was designed primarily for those of you who have spare credits lying about on other
Traffic Exchanges and we HOPE you use THIS site as a simple funnel that does all the hard work for you…

It’s simple, you promote your JV Link below on Traffic Exchanges and your referral links everywhere else…

If you are unsure which Traffic Exchanges to use why not start in our „Bonus Sites“ area above

Now there are many ways to earn credits here and the best way is to promote your JV Link and this will
earn you credits and also you will get referral bonuses & hopefully commissions at the same time

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Simple, downline building isn’t as effective as it once was years ago. Sure there are people making lots of money online using their downlines and affiliate marketing strategies but during the past few years a change has been taking place.

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